Set up and operated by a multidisciplinary team, TransEden is a professional one-stop language service platform that acts to bridge the gap between customers who need quality translation at cost-effective prices and translators looking for freelance jobs with reasonable payment.

The TransEden platform is comprised of vendor services, machine translation (MT) and a very powerful and user-friendly CAT tool. It is designed to help customers and translators communicate in an effective real-time mode so as to make the entire workflow smooth without delays and unnecessary backs-and-forth. We strongly believe that you will discover a whole new outsourcing/translating experience with TransEden.

Currently, the language pairs available in TransEden are Chinese to English, Chinese to French, Chinese to Japanese, Chinese to Korean, Chinese to German, and the vice versa. With the team growing, translation services of more languages will become available to meet needs of customers and translators from all over the world.

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